Handmade Adventures

In WoodCraft

   At Visionwright, we design and create craft for adventure and lifestyle that excel, in form and in function.  All of our products are custom, handmade, and purpose-built, combining traditional skills with modern techniques to achieve high quality results.  

   Passion and intent are essential to what we do, yet neither displace our respect and gratitude for the Earth and each other.  We design and build with the express desire to increase our connection with the world and with ourselves, not detract from it, so naturally we endeavor to recycle, re-use, and repurpose where appropriate, and use ethically sourced and not-so-toxic materials.

   Start to finish, we work closely with you, collaborating to bring your vision to life.  Maybe it is a boat or a board, a dwelling in the trees or on the move.  Perhaps you are re-imagining a space, or realizing a novel place.  If you can dream it, we can build it.

   Handmade products and services guaranteed to enrich your life.

   Built by us.  Built by you.  Built to last.

  • Hand-crafted Wooden Stand up Paddleboards
  • In-House Designed and Tested DogSleds and KickSleds
  • Skin-on-Frame and Strip Planked sea kayaks and canoes
  • Traditional Wooden Boat Building and repairs
  • one-on-one, small Group, and group Wooden Boat Building and Carpentry Classes
  • TimberFraming Repairs and New Construction
  • TreeHouse Consultation, Design and Build
  • TinyHouse Design, Build and Deliver
  • Yurt, Shed, Shack, Barn, Lean-to, Box, Pyramid, Dome, Spaceship...You name it
  • Custom, Artisan Quality Cabinetry
  • Residential and Light Commercial Design, Build and Remodel
  • Sea/ Land Trials, Launch Parties, on Water/ Snow Instruction
  • Let's Get Out There Expedition Consulting, Planning, etc.  Take me With You!