At Visionwright, we offer a wide range of Education Options.  Our Boat and Board Building Programs are designed to be hands-on and experiential, with the end result being top shelf products built by our students that they take home!  Peronal Watercraft/Snowcraft building at it's finest!  Additionally, we offer On The Snow/ Water Instruction, Day Trips, and Expedition Planning and Leading.

What Clients Have to Say

"With Andrew and Visionwright I was able to build a boat, my boat. I could have never imagened this happening and now it is reality!"
Noreen M.

  • On-Site Module Courses-Visionwright comes to you!
  • Youth and Adult Programming
  • Custom, In-House Classes

Click Here to view a full gallery of our 2006 Off The Grid Skin on Frame West Greenland Sea Kayak Class